desk-light with brightness and color temperature (remote) control
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This is a little workbench-light using sixty SK6812 WWA LEDs. With a beefy 5V/4A power supply you can make a lot of light with controllable color temperature. Control input can come from the on-board rotary encoder or via serial commands. The board includes a temperature Sensor with PTC + adc on the µC and a mosfet-driven fan output with PWM control

This is a work in progress.


  • LED PCB. This is working really well.

Things that need to be done still:

  • Include a serial port on the control PCB, ideally with an USB bridge, or maybe just V-USB on the µC itself?
  • Read out the PTC with ADC as a temperature sensor. Maybeswitch to an I²C sensor?
  • Couple temperature to fan control
  • Figure out what to do with the optional I²C SSD1306 OLED display.

The first AVR control PCB batch has a bunch of bugs, so if I gave you a PCB at GPN18 or sometime else:

  • You will need to bodge-wire the data-in to some unused GPIO pin on the AVR.
  • You can just bridge the AMS1117-3.3 voltage regulator pins - the µC runs just fine on 5V, and 16mhz/3.3v operation isn't officially supported anyway.