desk-light with brightness and color temperature (remote) control
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* light weight WS2812 lib include
* Version 2.3 - Nev 29th 2015
* Author: Tim (
* Please do not change this file! All configuration is handled in "ws2812_config.h"
* License: GNU GPL v2+ (see License.txt)
#ifndef LIGHT_WS2812_H_
#define LIGHT_WS2812_H_
#include <avr/io.h>
#include <avr/interrupt.h>
#include "ws2812_config.h"
#ifndef F_CPU
#define F_CPU 16000000
* Structure of the LED array
* cRGB: RGB for WS2812S/B/C/D, SK6812, SK6812Mini, SK6812WWA, APA104, APA106
* cRGBW: RGBW for SK6812RGBW
struct cRGB { uint8_t g; uint8_t r; uint8_t b; };
struct cRGBW { uint8_t g; uint8_t r; uint8_t b; uint8_t w;};
/* User Interface
* Input:
* ledarray: An array of GRB data describing the LED colors
* number_of_leds: The number of LEDs to write
* pinmask (optional): Bitmask describing the output bin. e.g. _BV(PB0)
* The functions will perform the following actions:
* - Set the data-out pin as output
* - Send out the LED data
* - Wait 50µs to reset the LEDs
void ws2812_setleds (struct cRGB *ledarray, uint16_t number_of_leds);
void ws2812_setleds_pin (struct cRGB *ledarray, uint16_t number_of_leds,uint8_t pinmask);
void ws2812_setleds_rgbw(struct cRGBW *ledarray, uint16_t number_of_leds);
* Old interface / Internal functions
* The functions take a byte-array and send to the data output as WS2812 bitstream.
* The length is the number of bytes to send - three per LED.
void ws2812_sendarray (uint8_t *array,uint16_t length);
void ws2812_sendarray_mask(uint8_t *array,uint16_t length, uint8_t pinmask);
* Internal defines
#define CONCAT(a, b) a ## b
#define CONCAT_EXP(a, b) CONCAT(a, b)
#define ws2812_PORTREG CONCAT_EXP(PORT,ws2812_port)
#define ws2812_DDRREG CONCAT_EXP(DDR,ws2812_port)
#endif /* LIGHT_WS2812_H_ */