Wireless recording lights for a sound studio, to warn people that you're recording. Receives via Macki HUI protocol over USB-MIDI, transmits wirelessly with nrf24l01.
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When you're recording music in a studio, you do not want to be disturbed. That's usually done with warning lights around the studio, so that people now when to shut up. These things are frackin' expensive though, and usually wired.

With this project, you can attach a small STM32 microcontroller + nRF24l01 wireless tranceiver via USB to your computer, where it will be recognized as a USB-MIDI Interface. All modern DAWs allow you to configure this as a Mackie HUI Controller, by which the microcontroller will be notified if you pressed "record" in your DAW. This status will be sent out via wireless to as many receivers (read: warning lights) as you like.

The project is split into the transmitter and receiver, both are pretty much identical in hardware - connect an nrf24l01 via SPI1 to the bluepill stm32 board (stm32f103c8t6) and you're good to go, no real pcb necessary. PC13 will be toggled according to the recording status (LED on bluepill boards).

This project makes heavy use of libopencm3 (general framework, usb, usb-midi and usart functions) and libemb (nrf24l01 library), so big thanks to all contributors of these projects!